‘Blackstones’ Star to Appear as Guest Star on Wild Foods: Quest Out West

Be still our beating hearts; Hollywood North heartthrob Justin Rain will be joining host Tracey Kim Bonneau in the filming of the new APTN series Wild Foods.

Rain is a professionally trained actor, multimedia artist and public speaker of Plains Cree descent. He was born and currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia and was introduced to the local film and television industry soon after graduating high school. He worked with the East Vancouver Urban Native Theatre Company for three years before beginning formal study at the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts, William Davis Centre, Second Avenue Studios among others throughout Greater Vancouver.

Five short years later and he’s an accomplished dramatic artist with over ten lead, supporting and recurring film and television roles to his name. Some include a guest start role on the dramatic original Global Network series, The Guard (Search and Rescue), Ayaa; A Hero’s Journey, Journeying Fourth, Dance of My Beating Heart and CTV’s Halq’emeylem Legend. Justin continues to explore new territory in the realm of dramatic arts and most notably he appeared in the widely popular third installment of Summit Entertainment’s supernatural romance fantasy film series, The Twilight Saga; Twilight Eclipse (2010). 

About Wild Foods

  • About Quest OutWest Wild Food

    Wild Food is the antidote to boring, unhealthy food. Host Tracey Bonneau takes viewers on an adventure every week, hunting for big game, fishing for wild salmon, digging for little known edible roots and berries, and then turning those healthy foods into a spectacular meal.

    If you'd like to join the Wild Food movement, you can easily do so by clicking the 'Contribute' button at the top of the web page, and registering as a Contributor. Upload your own recipes and photos from your computer or mobile device, and even pinpoint the location where that recipe comes from.

    Also, go check out our recipes from chefs on the show or from other contributors by clicking on the 'Recipes' link.

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    Tracey Kim Bonneau

    Tracey Kim Bonneau isn't just the face of Wild Food; she's also the brains and the heart behind the series. Tracey is a media artist, journalist, documentary filmmaker and professional writer with ...

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