Tracey Kim Bonneau

Tracey Kim Bonneau isn’t just the face of Wild Food; she’s also the brains and the heart behind the series.

Tracey is a media artist, journalist, documentary filmmaker and professional writer with 25 years of experience managing projects in the multimedia field. As a member of the Syilx Nation (known to the Western world as the Okanagan Nation), Tracey was born and raised on the Penticton Indian Reserve in British Columbia. Tracey lived through the years of conflict after the Oka crisis in Quebec, when the Penticton Indian Band rose to political prominence as a leading force in the aboriginal rights movement in Canada during the Green Mountain Road standoff.

The experiences led to Tracey becoming an award-winning producer, creating hard-hitting films about the aboriginal experience in Canada. REZcovery explored the links between violence and drug and alcohol abuse. She dove into the murky world of a mass shooting murder in a small community in Lateral Violence, and examined the long term impact of Canada’s infamous residential schools system in Crying in the Dark. Tracey then switched gears, celebrating the art of aboriginal story telling in the uplifting and beautifully filmed one-hour documentary Magic on the Water.

Quest Out West: Wild Food came about because of Tracey’s love for gathering and preparing traditional foods from the Okanagan Nation where she grew up on a farm on remote Shingle Creek Road near Penticton, BC. She remembers the romance of the farmhouse, lit by a coal oil lamp flickering on the kitchen table, the smell and sound of sizzling venison on the stove, and the aroma of homemade peach cobbler, surrounded by the laughter of family and friends. Tracey’s love for preserving food and preparing hearty dishes began on the farm, and now continues on APTN’s Quest Out West: Wild Foods program.

Part of her motive for creating the show is to help reverse the damage done by aboriginal people’s adoption of an unhealthy diet of modern prepared foods, but as well, Tracey says she wants to help people reconnect to the land and to healthy foods in a way that is both fun and informative