Larry Moran – Guest Star

If the apocalypse ever comes, the man you want to be with is Larry Moran, an expert in foraging edible plants in the wild.

Born in Summerland, BC, Larry grew up in Wiarton, Ontario before moving back to the Okanagan Valley after completing secondary school.

Larry says his family has been foraging for their own wild plants, herbs and mushrooms since his grandmother combed the woods in the ancestral homeland of Austria. Like his grandmother, Larry now works as a forager, harvesting wild and semi-wild products for the floral and food markets.

Moran discovered his passion while mushroom picking with his dad at a young age, spurring his travels to many global destinations sourcing for local plants and species of wild mushrooms. He settled his own family in Oliver a few years ago, and now the whole family is involved in foraging. The oldest is a head chef in Whistler, BC, where foraging outings are part of the venue. The younger son  lives in Kelowna and has his own foraging business servicing the local restaurants and farmers markets.

“As you can see, foraging is in our genes!” says Moran.

Moran makes his living sourcing wild plants, fruit, vegetables, tubers, seeds and nuts, herbs, leaves and flowers, along with the all-important wild mushroom, all of which he sells to upscale restaurant chefs or at coastal farmers’ markets.

Depending on the type, wild mushrooms can command exceedingly high prices. What he doesn’t sell, he eats. The array of organics ensures a balanced diet and good health, and can sometimes be used as healing and preventative medicine.

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