Mariel Belanger – Guest Star

Mariel Belanger wanted to spend the bulk of her life chasing her dreams. Life had different plans for her however and raising a family became her priority. Regardless, the acting bug stayed within and she used it to develop a multidisciplinary arts youth program to help raise her kids in an artistic manner.

Mariel’s return to acting occurred late into her twenties by means of a national commercial and a supporting role in a short independent film. Her first transitional role was PBS’s “American Experience – Tecumseh’s Vision” as Tecumseh’s Mother and a break out role in Twilight Saga “Eclipse” as Third wife solidified her goals. Mariel has established herself as member of ACTRA and UBCP.

At home Mariel is a member of the Okanagan Nation. She is a graduate from Media and Communications General Arts and Sciences at Algonquin College, Ottawa and a graduate from the NAPAT program at Enowkin. She’s trained in acting in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver. Mariel is currently achieving her academic goals in an Interdisciplinary Performance Arts Degree at UBCO and teaches at the Enowkin Centre.

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