Scot Roger – Culinary Consultant

Scot Roger has worked in the kitchen and on film or TV sets for most of his career.

Scot learned his delicious craft at the Dubrulle French Culinary School in Vancouver, and in 2000 began working on film productions as a chef with Lemonade Pictures.

Scot not only worked as a chef on movie sets, but also appeared as an actor in 10 productions portraying a chef or himself.

In 2007 Scot followed his love for organic, locally sourced ingredients, becoming the inspiration for Aphrodite Organic Cafe as Executive Chef. Three years later Scot made the move to Quince, a large marketing firm based in Amsterdam, where he was a chef/instructor, before returning to his home town with Whole Foods.

Scot joined the cast of Wild Food this year, where his experience as both an on-screen personality and a gourmet chef have been invaluable.

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    Wild Food is the antidote to boring, unhealthy food. Host Tracey Bonneau takes viewers on an adventure every week, hunting for big game, fishing for wild salmon, digging for little known edible roots and berries, and then turning those healthy foods into a spectacular meal.

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