Yve Kosugi and Morris Holmes – Farmer’s Dotter

Yve and Morris operate Farmer’s Dotter, a picturesque organic farm in Cawston, BC, where they grow fruits, garlic, vegetables, and make some sensational, naturally leavened sourdough breads that are in high demand in local restaurants.

Their bread is made in a massive, traditional wood fired oven, and their breads are made in the traditional way, with no commercial yeast.

“The benefits of naturally leavened bread over commercial yeast risen breads is subtle yet substantial,” Yves explains. “Suffice it to say commercial yeast is designed to react very quickly and doesn’t allow sufficient time for enzymes to break down starch molecules. That means your digestive system must work very hard to finish the process of breaking down the starches and in some people that can lead to a bloated feeling. Hence the term gluten sensitivity. A naturally leavened bread like ours mitigates that demand on your digestive system and thus can be better tolerated.”

The Farmer’s Dotter team says their farming business is all about living and enjoying life … and food … and butter. “Lots of butter!” laughs Yve.

Our passion is living what to some may be an aspirational lifestyle and to others sheer madness,” says Morris. “In addition to butter, our passion is living life well and sustainable off the farm. No boss and no commute!”

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