Siya/ Wild Berries Give Okanagan Foods Unique Appeal

The Saskatoon Berry has for centuries been a critical source of food for the Okanagan People. The white blossoms that bloom in the spring later turn into bright crimson berries... VIEW DETAILS

Ikalet / Ancient Grains and Old Friendships Revisited

When Europeans first settled in the scenic Similkameen Valley, pioneer Barrington Price constructed a flour mill along a stream just outside the village. Price was also notable for his friendly... VIEW DETAILS

Stemalt: Wild Foods Meets the Wild West at Chopaka Ranch

Most people got their notion of cowboys in the West from Hollywood movies, but in the picturesque Okanagan and Similkameen valleys many of the cowboys are First Nations people. In... VIEW DETAILS

Sp'itlem: Bitter Root, or Sp'itlem, One of the Okanagan's Four 'Food Chiefs'

Sp’itlem is a root native to the BC Interior that was a staple of the Okanagan people’s traditional diet, and is one of the Okanagan’s ‘Four Food Chiefs’. Like Ginseng,... VIEW DETAILS

Kum St'Kel. Historic smoking and preservation techniques in the Okanagan

If you like bacon and sausage, you don't want to miss this episode of Wild Food. The Okanagan people are traditionally a semi-nomadic people who lived off the land, hunting... VIEW DETAILS

Tixwem: Foraging for Food in the Wild

Gabe Cipes is best known in Canada for his work at Summerhill Winery, but this expert in biodynamics and permaculture is also fascinated with the concept of living off the... VIEW DETAILS

Better Taste, Better Health, with Locally Grown Foods

The Okanagan people have a long history of agriculture, as do their non-native neighbours who began settling into the region in the late 19th Century. In this episode host Tracey... VIEW DETAILS

Saxwip: Not Your Mama's Steamed Beets - How to Take Your Root Vegetables from Frumpy to Fabulous

Anyone who bitterly remembers being forced to eat beets as a child will rejoice in this episode, which includes an amazing recipe for beet ice cream. Yes, we said; beet... VIEW DETAILS

Selpqyn: Wild Foods' Canning Episode Will Make You Forget About Buying Canned Food

As European settlers began arriving in the Okanagan, they brought the concept of canning fruits and vegetables as a means of preserving food, long before electricity and refrigeration made its... VIEW DETAILS

Sk'ulst: Big Game Hunting Feeds the Soul

The Okanagans are traditionally a semi-nomadic people who lived off the land by hunting and gathering wild foods from the natural bounty around them. Hunting is not just important from... VIEW DETAILS

Get Hooked on Wild Trout as Tracey Bonneau Takes Us Fishing in the Okanagan

Fishing has always been central to the lives of aboriginal people in Canada, both as a source of nutritious protein, and also as an important part of the culture. In... VIEW DETAILS

Chief Salmon Returns to the Okanagan ... With a Little Help from his Friends!

Salmon is one of the Four Food Chiefs of Okanagan legend, but tragically disappeared from local waters after European settlers dammed the Okanagan River for irrigation and to generate power downstream... VIEW DETAILS

The Okanagan People in the 21st Century: Tradition and Innovation

The Syilx people, also known as the Okanagans, have deep ties to their history, traditions, and to the land they have lived on for thousands of years ... but in... VIEW DETAILS

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