Sk’ulst: Big Game Hunting Feeds the Soul

The Okanagans are traditionally a semi-nomadic people who lived off the land by hunting and gathering wild foods from the natural bounty around them. Hunting is not just important from the perspective of feeding one’s family and community, but from a deeper cultural perspective.

Just as someone in the modern world might take pride in being a great lawyer or doctor, being a great hunter in pre-contact Okanagan Territory was a badge of honour and a source of pride.

Things haven’t changed that much. In this episode Wild Food host Tracey Bonneau explores the ancient rites and rituals of hunting big game, as a young woman prepares for her first hunt with her father, Pentiction Indian Band Chief Jonathan Kruger.

Tracey joins Chief Kruger and his daughter Sage Kruger on a trek through the rugged Ellis Canyon near Penticton, BC. Chief Kruger teaches the two about how to find a deer bed, how sunflowers signify the time to hunt for deer, and about the relationship between the hunter and the deer or Bighorn sheep that are the primary game in the region.

After a day in the mountains and canyons, Tracey and the Krugers prepare a meal of deer ribs with a spiced rub, baked beans and spicy moose and elk meat sliders.


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