Get Hooked on Wild Trout as Tracey Bonneau Takes Us Fishing in the Okanagan

Fishing has always been central to the lives of aboriginal people in Canada, both as a source of nutritious protein, and also as an important part of the culture.

In this episode host Tracey Bonneau and guest star Justin Rain try some decidedly non-traditional fishing techniques on Osoyoos Lake. Justin, a Cree from Alberta, shows the unconventional bait of corn and marshmallows he used as bait as a child … and amazingly it works! Justin is the only one to catch a Rainbow Trout, who apparently just love marshmallows.

With trout in hand, Tracey and Justin head to the Backyard Farm in nearby Oliver, BC, where they learn how to make a trout roulade, and Tracey prepares a variation of her grandmother’s pan-fried trout, using nutritious quinoa instead of white flour.


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