Sp’itlem: Bitter Root, or Sp’itlem, One of the Okanagan’s Four ‘Food Chiefs’

Sp’itlem is a root native to the BC Interior that was a staple of the Okanagan people’s traditional diet, and is one of the Okanagan’s ‘Four Food Chiefs’. Like Ginseng, the Sp’itlem looks like a stylized human, arms and legs in motion, and is sometimes portrayed in art as a dancing spirit.

Known in English as Bitter root, Sp’itlem is a locally growing vegetable virtually unknown to most people in modern society. It grows wild in low mounds and can usually be spotted if one sees low-growing cactus plants nearby.

In this episode host Tracey Bonneau shows artist and actress Mariel Belanger how Sp’itlem is gathered with a special tool, and how it would be prepared as members of the community gathered to peel and prepare it for cooking.

Scot Roger, the consultant chef for Wild Food, prepares a sumptuous meal in the Miradoro Restaurant using Bitter root combined with grilled New York steak, halibut with slaw and a Bitter root salad, while Tracey and Mariel prepare a traditional ‘Four Chief’s Stew’ made from all four of the traditional ‘Four Chiefs’ food groups: Chief Salmon, Chief Bear, Chief Salmon Berry and Chief Sp’itlem.


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