Kum St’Kel. Historic smoking and preservation techniques in the Okanagan

If you like bacon and sausage, you don’t want to miss this episode of Wild Food. The Okanagan people are traditionally a semi-nomadic people who lived off the land, hunting and gathering fresh foods in the spring, summer and fall … but those foods had to last through the harsh Canadian winters, and also had to stay edible through the searing hot Okanagan summers.

The Okanagan people were experts in smoking fish and meats to preserve food for months at a time. In this episode host Tracey Bonneau explores the historic smoking and preservation methods used by the Okanagan people to make their food last through the winter months … but adds a few modern twists.

Tracey and her guest Scot Roger (Wild Food’s culinary consultant) go through the science and history of meat preservation from a uniquely Okanagan perspective.

Later, Scot and barrel smoker expert Rick Boyd give the art of smoking a new twist, showing viewers how to construct a smoker out of a used wine barrel sourced from the acclaimed Tinhorn Creek Winery in Oliver, BC. Tracey and Scot prepare bacon and sausage using a smoker in Tracey’s backyard.


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