Selpqyn: Wild Foods’ Canning Episode Will Make You Forget About Buying Canned Food

As European settlers began arriving in the Okanagan, they brought the concept of canning fruits and vegetables as a means of preserving food, long before electricity and refrigeration made its way to the Canadian wild west.

In this episode, Wild Food host Tracey Bonneau and her guest, actor and friend Justin Rain, take a tour of the spectacular Covert Farms property in Oliver, BC. This organic farm and winery is a major tourism destination in Canada, and one of the most famous organic farms in North America, situated below the magnificent cliff face of the McIntyre Bluffs.

Manager Derek Uhlemann takes the pair on a tour of the 700 acre property where they grow organic grapes, vegetables and fruit, and demonstrate how the farmers have re-established the natural landscape of the area.

Later, Tracey and Justin join Chris Van Hooydonk at nearby Backyard Farms where the acclaimed chef shows advanced techniques for spectacular home canned vegetables and fruits.


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