Native Harvests: American Indian Wild Foods and Recipes

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Written by an author of American Indian descent, this book goes beyond recipes and guides you into the native’s world of foraging and surviving in nature. You will learn how to prepare classics like stuffed clams and corn chowder in addition to clover soup, purslane salad, young milkweed spears, wild rice with hazelnuts and blueberries, fiddlehead stew, meadow mushroom pie, stewed wild rabbit, spoon bread, acorn coffee, and witch hazel tea.

Besides the fantastic illustrations, the book contains invaluable details about herbal medicines and ceremonial, sacred, and poisonous plants — all written with an appreciation for Native American traditions.

7 reviews for Native Harvests: American Indian Wild Foods and Recipes

  1. Customer

    No fry bread. These foods predate the time before indigenous people were confined to reservations. The ingredients were cultivated gathered or hunted. No white flour, yeast or white sugar. Look forward to trying some recipes myself. You could have some trouble finding stuff like duck eggs but he offers reasonable substitutions when possible. No problem for me. I have a friend with ducks

  2. Customer

    Take time to enjoy. This is more than a cookbook.

    This one of my most cherished Native cookbooks for so many reasons. I love the stories because food and storytelling are the culture of many types of people.

  3. Customer

    This provides a good background for those of us interested in wild foraging and indigenous diets. For example, who knew that the Native Americans used ash to season foods? This book reminds us that Nature provides us with all the nutrition we need. If only we are wise enough to look after Nature, she will look out after us — something that cannot be said about the fast food industry.

  4. Customer

    Worthy Guide. Would like to take a class of wild food locations/actual sightings (hands on). The pictures and information from the book are good reference but not like seeing the real thing from nature.

  5. Customer

    Excellent natural food reference.

    I enjoy foraging for nature’s food in the Boreal forest of NW Ontario. Book is a great reference for edibles, plus recipes.

  6. Customer

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE this book. It has so many small little tidbits of information and fun recipes that you can try that DON’T include flour, sugar and store bought ingredients. I have been searching for a long time for a book like that. I don’t want to have to purchase garbage at a store; I want to eat the hunter gatherer way. I love the way this book is laid out. I love how the author touches on many different subjects, from wild foods, to ceremonies and medicine. I had no idea that club moss could help nose bleeds! Fascinating and a must read.

  7. Customer

    I am a teacher in the field of Wild Foods. I first purchased this book over twenty years ago and still consider it the best book on the subject…so far. Well researched with authentic information.

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