The Forager’s Guide to Wild Foods

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Harvesting your own food from the wild is a great way to get back to nature. And, with The Forager’s Guide to Wild Foods by Claude Davis & Dr. Nicole Apelian, it’s easier than ever. This book is packed with everything you need to know about foraging in North America, from which plants are edible to how to prepare them. You’ll also find helpful tips on where to find the best foraging spots and what time of year is best for each type of plant.

4 reviews for The Forager’s Guide to Wild Foods

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    Stop and think about food prices, and supply issues. Do you want to learn what food this planet has to offer for free? The Foragers Guide is a fantastic resource. Great photos to help with identifying different plants. Gives some recipes for some plants. I love this book and keep going back through it and finding new things every time. You won’t be disappointed.

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    Overall I was impressed with the book. The pictures are indeed big and full color, so identification is easier. Even though it is a big book, it is good to have around. Encyclopedias are even bigger, but the information is limited.
    I know a little bit about foraging and some medicinal plants, and this book didn’t disappoint in either.
    I was particularly pleased with the neglected weeds. A lot of the plants that grow around our homes are not being used and even though this is a forager grade book, it is very keen on reaping the benefits of common plants we tend to kill off.
    If you’re into self-reliance, foraging and maybe just knowing the stuff that grows around you, then this book is definitely a must have. It doesn’t just provide free meals; it shows you how to prepare your own efficient remedies.

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    Aside from the photos being a bit too small at times for good identification, this reference book of wild plants offers lots of usable information for those who want to forage for food. Often the wind blows in “volunteers” to our gardens that we spend hours and lots of energy removing. One such day of “weeding” brought the folly of such activity to mind as I gazed at the mounded wheelbarrow of dandelions. “I could feed an entire village with what’s in that wheelbarrow,” I thought in dismay. But what to do with that bounty? This forager’s guide tells how to do it, what to use and what to avoid. The author shares her recipes using greens, berries, mushrooms, whatever can be found. I just wish the color photos were displayed a bit bigger, but that would’ve made this book almost too heavy to carry. Nonetheless, it’s still a wonderful introduction for the beginning forager in spotting the food growing so close at hand.

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    Gave this as a gift when my daughter saw it on line. She’s absolutely loving it and a perfect gift for a hiker, outdoor lover or a cook. Worth the price!!

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