Wild Food: A Complete Guide for Foragers

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Wild Food: A Complete Guide for Foragers is the definitive guide to wild food and foraging by a leading expert, Roger Philips.

With this book, you’ll discover hundreds of wild foods in unexpected places, such as hedgerows, fields, rivers, seashores, and even moorland. The color photos and detailed descriptions make it easy for any forager to identify wild plants.

Plus, you’ll discover more than 100 recipes for yummy food and drinks and be inspired to use nature’s free bounty, whether it’s berries, herbs, mushrooms, salad leaves, or seaweed.

5 reviews for Wild Food: A Complete Guide for Foragers

  1. Customer

    It contains delicious recipes of all the plants and photographs of almost all the plants that are described in it. It is the best wild food book that I own.

  2. Customer

    More of a kind of cookbook recipe book this one. Still very good, but not quite a foragers bible like his Mushroom book.

  3. Customer

    What a great book full of wild food recipes. I have many books on identification of wild edibles but never plenty of recipes. The photos are great too. I will be enjoying the free foods I forage from my property.

  4. Customer

    Had a soft cover copy before and enjoyed collecting food with my children on camping trips and hikes and preparing it. Lots of great memories.

  5. Customer

    I didn’t realize that it was based out of British isle. Other then that I did find information that can be used for me here in the US. Some of the recipes are going to be fun to try.

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