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Unlock The Benefits of Foraging & Natural Wild Foods

From recipes to foraging in the wild, learn how to maximize the nature around you for a healthier and sustainable living.

the pocket survival kit


Avoid foraging the wrong plants — use clear photos, descriptions & rulers to match leaf margins, arrangements, and root structure. Even if you’re hiking with heavy tools, the pocket guide is easy to check.


Weatherproof & Portable


Common Edibles


Plant Match Rulers

wild food & indigenous recipes

Eat Wild, Fresh & Local

Looking to improve your diet with wild foods and eat clean? Here are some simple recipes that transform native North American plants, fungi, and wildlife into delicious meals.

Enjoy eating wild, fresh and local — one recipe at a time.

Wild Food Foraging & Wildcrafting

Find Foods in the Wild

Did you know eating wild edible plants cuts your risk of heart disease and certain cancers? Did you also know — in WWII — millions of kids got Vitamin C from foraging rosehips?

People today still forage for food — like early humans did — even though there are grocery stores and markets. That’s because foraging brings you unbelievably healthy food, promotes a fun hunter-gatherer lifestyle & helps you save money in tough times. 

Find out how you can get started in wild food foraging.